Roy is a cartoon boy who always gets into trouble with annoying headteacher Mr. Hammond.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Adopted at an early age by the O'brien family, Roy grew up with his father, Bill, his mother, Maura, and his sister, Becky.
Various photos of Roy at the age of 5 were found by Maura (Episode Two: Growing Pains).

New School Edit

Roy had recently moved house, and had met Tommy. He and Becky were going to new schools, and he was going to Balyfermot School. He was stressed by Maura telling him not to do cartoon tricks. He was on a weeks trial. When he gets to Balyfermot, He meets Jack, Connor and Sinead. Everyone wanted to be his friend, but, feeling that the spotlight had suddenly been taken from her, Kathy soon started to try to make Roy fail the trial. She tripped him up, stretched his arms and made him ruin the caretaker's floor. He met Miss. Sheringham, who was determined to let Roy stay at Balyfermot. Eventually, she convinced the headmaster to let him stay. (Episode One: New Boy)

Life outside of the box Edit

Roy has done many things, like saving frogs from disection (Episode Two: Growing Pains), eating a bar of soap (Episode Three: Sick), using money for charity for his own purposes (Episode Four: Charity Case), stopping Jack from having to move to Poland (Episode Six: Roy Band) and running away from home (Episode Seven: On the Run).

List of Appearences Edit

New Boy

Growing Pains


Charity Case

A Matter of Principal

Roy Band

On the Run

Roy and Me


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